About plWordNet

The Polish wordnet – plWordNet – is a semantic network which reflects the Polish lexical system. The nodes in plWordNet are lexical units (words with their senses), variously interconnected by semantic relations from a well-defined relation set.

plWordNet describes 106000 nouns, verbs and adjectives, contains nearly 160000 unique senses and 440000 relation instances. It is by far the largest wordnet for Polish, and one of several largest in the world. The Wrocław University of Technology has decided to make plWordNet available free of charge for any applications (including commercial applications) based on a licence modelled on that for Princeton WordNet.

The continued growth of plWordNet has been made possible by grants from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and from the European Union. We aim to build a conceptual dictionary fully representative of contemporary Polish, comparable with the largest wordnets in the world. This means, however, that plWordNet in its present shape is a work in progress; it is neither complete nor fault-free.

In total there are registered 129,801 concepts which is held in place by 363,632 relations, loaded in WordTies.

About WordTies

The WordTies application is most useful as a utility software for browsing translational links between the different wordnets. Nevertheless, an additional ambition is to facilitate better browsing into the particular wordnets and thereby enable evaluation of differences in structure and granularity.